Making a Sculpture: Part 3

Craptacular image of a CO2 laser at work. The actual process is hypnotic to witness, as the computer-controlled machine deftly cuts out parts with ridiculous accuracy, leaving a mirror-smooth edge that doesn’t require any clean-up. Anyone who’s cut out steel parts with a torch or plasma cutter will tell you that this is JUST TOO EFFING COOL! (And I’m afraid I may be depleting my quota of hyphens for the day.)

This is what the lasercut component looks like. It’s 16 gauge (.06 in. thick) cold-rolled steel. The TIG torch can be seen in the upper right. What the laser is to the cutting process, TIG is to welding. Clean, spatter-free, with excellent penetration, temperature, and cosmetic control. I have a Maxstar 200 by Miller. It’s the size of an inkjet printer and can run off any voltage power source with at least 15 amp service. Sweeeeet! Here’s a couple more shots of the assembly:

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