This is one of those designs that helped refine my process. I was playing with shapes inside Rhino and arrived at this. I created an unfolded pattern using an automatic command for doing so inside the software, and sent it off to the laser (see my description of this process in earlier posts). When I started assembling it, I discovered a major mistake: it wasn’t possible! Rhino allows unrolling surfaces with a small degree of compound curvature (curved in more than one direction), depending on tolerances set within the program. Steel, on the other hand, gets really grumpy when you try to stretch it in this manner. I ended up making the first design work by some creative cutting and welding, but knew that a redesign was definitely in order for the remainder of the edition. Enter SketchUp; it pretty much forces all surfaces to be planar, thus better emulating my real-world design limits. The revamped pattern went together with none of the earlier problems. Learning from mistakes is fun. Really. It just costs a few hundred dollars and a few curses.
A smaller version of the newer design:

Oh, yeah. I call this one “Duet” because it suggests two stylized human heads with open mouths, singing.

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