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OK, I admit it. Like a fine American Consumer, I got sucked in. The slickness and my desire to find meaning overwhelmed my finer esthetic senses. Something had been gnawing at me about Gregory Colbert’s work, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I ran across this. Sometimes I guess I need someone else to think for me. Nico, thanks for the insight. I’ll try not to let the smoke and mirrors beguile me so much in the future. I also had no idea that Mr. Colbert himself was the man featured in so much of the imagery, like some self-obsessed fashion model actually gifted with enough intelligence to operate a camera. Sheeesh.

In one of the comments on the above linked post, another poster points out the ecologically unsound truth of the Shigeru Ban building. Perhaps creating truly sustainable architecture is an impossibility given our current understanding of the world: even the brilliance of the Great Plains “tepee” requires the killing of animals to enable it’s construction.

My apologies if you were led astray by my praise of this supposed work of art. Living and learning.

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  1. We both got “Ashes and Snow-ed”.Colbert kinda reminds me of a very slick & manipulative version of Timothy Treadwell….”Oh look at nature! It’s so sweet and gentle and I’m out here all alone and these ‘wild’ animals are docile because they’re in my presence and they know they’re a part of something beautiful!”…although of course in Timothy’s case they really were wild bears.

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