Sculpture: Split Infinitive

I finally got this back from the powder coater today, after they had a little QC problem and needed to recoat it. I’m really excited and pleased at how nice it turned out. The pics show it installed at Columbine Galleries’ Loveland location. I love how the amazing, flaming orange interacts with the environment, especially the greenery. I think it’s interesting how many people find the bold colors on these pieces to be “too much”. I visualize a garden setting like this, filled with interesting forms, all decked out in pure colors. To me, it is the very essence of their alienness, their stark contrast to the subtle pallette surrounding them, that gives them a reason to be. Subtle, subdued tones on outdoor sculptures seems somehow dishonest, as though the artist is attempting to deceive the viewer into thinking some natural process created them, rather than the destructive industrial truth of the matter. I guess, in a sense, that I’m shouting at you how different you are, how removed we are as a culture, from the anachronistic, serene, normal state of the natural world as it is romanticized around us.

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