Blog? What blog?

Oh, shit. I suck at sticking to stuff. Except making sculptures. For some reason, I just keep doing it. This year marks my 20th year of it, in fact. I made my first casting (that word almost makes me barf – it’s like a shot of cheap tequila) in 1987, and went to work for Dan “The Man” Ostermiller in 1988. I’ve dicked around with tons of different modes of expression, but the one constant has always been sculptural form. I think I might dig out some old photos and scan them, do a sort of egomaniac’s retrospective right here. Stay tuned.

Oh, and the attached pic is a fabrication shot of the “Upholding” piece for Paramount, CA. Scheduled to be installed on the 20th of this month.

2007 01 31 Upholding  Fab 01 SMALL

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