Mmmmm. Leftovers.

I did a small commission for a woman who was heading up her own real estate group – “Blue Moon”. It was a fun experience, as I haven’t done any smaller works like this, where client interaction is taking place just like on the bigger projects. We played around with different designs until finding something we both liked. This is what we arrived at.

2007 08 22 Blue Moon 1833

What does this have to do with leftovers? The Blue Moon piece included a crescent of silicon bronze, which my laser guys don’t keep in stock – I had to buy a full 2 ft. by 10 ft. piece. Needless to say, I had a lot of leftover material. (A-Ha!) I’ve always really loved the volumes and shapes of horses, so I thought I’d just quickly model something up – a horse head – to use up that bronze sheet. It was mostly just a lark, I didn’t really intend to come up with anything too special – but I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

2007 10 31 HorsePower 1938

There is an area of discoloration that occurs adjacent to each weld, called the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ), that can include gorgeous reds, blues, and purples – I’ve always loved that stuff. On this piece, I decided to just let it be, to not cave in and grind the welds back or do anything else to obscure them. Bronze is 95% copper, which is highly reactive to environmental acids and chemicals, so you have to seal it somehow in order to keep it from changing colors. Clear powder coat to the rescue.

EDIT 2017-12-28 Updated images to ditch the broken flickr links.

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