Skinning the bases.

2008 11 07 Water Power 002  Copy

Ren helped me install the second layer of 12 gauge sheets to the bases. In the lovely “November in Colorado” wind – a 30 mph gust can sure make 150 pounds feel like 300. Yippee! Drilled and placed over 200 rivets over the course of three days.

Bitching aside, it’s that much closer to being done.

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  1. Thanks for the sympathy, anyway I’ve learn to let go some time ago, and that every loss can bring better to replace the lost.I’ll be following to see what’s the next project.

  2. Mark your piece looks fantastico. I drove by it early sat morn. Hope the reception was great on Friday… I would have liked to be there, but I was at work. Again – congratulations!!

  3. Schmaren! Thanks – and you should be glad you missed the dedication, it was pretty boring. I did have to give a speech (a fact which I had not been informed of), so you missed a good chance to laugh at me, though.

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