In an effort to make up for a dearth of posts, here’s a whole bunch of crap vomited into the tubes all at once.
BookMobile - bottom 2
Book mobile design for a school in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here’s another angle:
BookMobile - top
Buffalo - Pattern and Model
Once again when I’m desperate for cash, my friend Bruce comes through. I spent quite a bit of time working with him to get a usable unfolded pattern made for his buffalo piece. Looking forward to seeing it finished one of these days.
Ristra Mobile
Have some good clients down in Santa Fe who are looking to find a way to bring some durability to the omnipresent ristra. (They are having problems with the wind, mice and ants destroying the traditional ones.) This was my first concept, which fails on the wind-resistance front. Presently working on iteration number two.

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