Free blog host = bad.

I’ve been using Tumblr for my blog posts for a while now, and recently it seems the service has been gagging with greater and greater frequency. All of Tumblr has been down for going on 18 hours now. Rather than whine and stamp my feet, I’m thinking of moving my blog over to the built-in “Journal” feature on Squarespace. I’ll probably keep the Tumblr blog alive for a while, just to see how things go. Really shocked by how many people whose sites I visit regularly are hosted in their entirety on Tumblr. Seems like asking for trouble to me. I have proposals out for several competitions right now, and if the committee members involved were interested in taking a look at my blog – no deal. That just isn’t good. Hopefully I can figure out how to incorporate my 4 years of archived posts into this setting.

Update: Managed to import all my old Blogger posts. Still waiting for Tumblr – hopefully the export/import from there will work as well. Got to hand it to Google for not locking my data into their system.

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