Through the Looking Glass – DONE!



After a long week of cutting, grinding, welding, and bolting – the convex hexes are all attached to Through the Looking Glass. That means that I’m finally finished – the only parts still without a home are those for the base, and they need to stay off until the piece is installed. Heavy sigh of satisfaction; I really like this thing.

Below are some more action shots, showing the process for attaching the convex hexes. Those in the “field” and along the inner edge are a piece of cake; the ones that follow along the elliptical edge each have to be cut to shape and a custom rig for bolting them on has to be fabricated. I was able to get about 8 on per 8 hour day. Very labor-intensive and a bit hard on my hairline.

Now I just need to get the thing to Little Rock. Are you guys ready yet?

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