Skinning the bases.

Water&Power 008

Ren helped me install the second layer of 12 gauge sheets to the bases. In the lovely “November in Colorado” wind – a 30 mph gust can sure make 150 pounds feel like 300. Yippee! Drilled and placed over 200 rivets over the course of three days.

Bitching aside, it’s that much closer to being done.

Water and Power – installed.

W&P Install 019

The Water and Power sculptures are (finally!) in their rightful places. I was a little too busy to get any good action shots, but I’ll see if I can’t find some and post ’em. In the meantime, check out my flickr photostream for more.

These things are really, really big. And blue. And yellow.

Water & Power – the end is near.

Water&Power 002I intended to follow up on my previous post with a little info about my new computer and new software, but forming and pouring 30 cubic yards of concrete sorta stifles the urge to make blogginess. I’ve been having a blast, despite working my ass off, due mainly to getting a chance to work with my big brother Scott again. Couldn’t have done this one without him.

Thanks dude.

“Water” being sandblasted.

TD manufacturing in Greeley, Colorado prepping the “Water” piece for powder coating. Lloyd from Master Metal Works and I ran out to look it over and correct any flaws (I point out, Lloyd corrects). The metal looks really good. I’m excited that this project is finally starting to coalesce.
Sandblasting "Water" - 3

More progress.

Making good progress now. The base portion has an extra layer of steel sheet attached to it – to set off the main sculptural form visually, and to allow for easy replacement in the event of damage. I drilled all the holes in the 3d model so their locations will be built right in to the cut sheet metal, plus it makes for easier documentation for the fabricators. (You can’t really make out the holes in this image, but there are 20 holes in the face we’re looking at here. Each penetrates through the outer gray layer, the yellow layer, and into the structural steel.)
W&P Base Skins

Getting there…

W&P Structure
I’m finally getting the virtual model of the Water & Power project squared away. Pictured above are the structural steel components that will hopefully hold the sculpture upright in the Colorado wind.