Exocubic Studio

Exocubic Studio

Back from Cali

Survived a trip to Cerritos, California to restore the finish on the big Tsunami fountain. To be quite frank, we kicked it’s ass. Totally refinished the entire surface of an 18 foot tall sculpture in three days. A big fat thanks to Jason and Ren for all the help. You guys rock.

Tsunami Vert

This experience has me thinking about monumental sculpture. Stay tuned for a long post that outlines my process for making one of the big ones.

We also had enough free time at the end of the trip to check out the “Ashes and Snow” exhibit at Shigeru Ban’s Nomadic Museum, located at the Santa Monica Pier. The building was a structure of used shipping containers and paper tubes, while the show was an installation of architecture, images, and motion. The images were by Gregory Colbert and focused on exotic animals and people juxtaposed in natural settings, all in sepia tones. Most amazing were the films, as they captured the beautiful motion of humans and animals together in surprising ways. Indiginous people and endangered animals of the same ecosystem, with shocking similarities in form and spirit between the two. Very zen and hard to describe.

Ashes and Snow