Together: Proposal for Little Rock

Worked up this graphic for the City of Little Rock, Arkansas. They are revisioning the area around the stone on the banks of the Arkansas River that gives the city it’s name. This is a continuation of a sculpture walk that begins at the new Clinton Library and proceeds along the river, past “Le Petit Roche”, wandering by a cascading fountain and children’s play area. They need a focal point for the area to draw people down to the new feaures, so I thought a bright red-orange finish would be be perfect. We (myself and the National Sculptors’ Guild) are just in the preliminary stages on this, but my hopes are high. My work is actually pretty hard to beat in a scale/visual impact/time-to-completion -vs- cost comparison. I think this piece would really work well given the needs of the site and the existing constraints, plus I really enjoy working with the people there. Wish me luck!

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