Sculpture: Revenge of the Vet’s Memorial

I’ve had what, in hindsight, was a great time reworking this Veteran’s Memorial design. Something of a tennis match, with me utilizing feedback from the client (based on her understanding of the site’s requirements and those of the local denizens) to revise the concept until something that suits both my needs as an artist AND those of the end audience emerges. Some people might consider this willingness to compromise the very definition of “selling out”, but I firmly believe that public art should be driven by the needs of said public, not those of the Artist’s Ego. Isn’t it the height of arrogance for an artist to refuse to respect the wishes of the people who will have to live their day to day existence in the shadow of what he creates? Creating artwork is an inherently self-indulgent act, one that can be made more enjoyable, challenging, and egalitarian by subsuming the needs and desires of others into the mix.

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  1. Oh, you know, that’s just me trying to be funny again. Kinda a “Star Wars” reference slash malapropism thing.Who’s the grumpy guy in that there picture?

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