Even f*ckups can be pretty cool…

After struggling for days – literally – trying to get a computer site model ready for a proposal, I finally figured out what needed to happen. It sucks when the best course of action is either to half-ass the job or spend money on YET ANOTHER piece of software. So far my experience has been that it’s much more difficult to do professional work with hobbyists tools (so, yeah, I bought the damn software). Now I’m gearing up for my first exposure to Rapid Prototyping. I think I’m just about ready to send files out for quotes. I rewarded myself with a bike ride and some goofing off with my camera.

This sculpture has been at this stage for a few months now. The guys at the laser cutting shop must have a had a tough time getting the cut parts out of the stock, as the metal shows quite a few dings and gouges from their efforts. I should have rejected the parts, but they were stacked together so I couldn’t really inspect them properly. It turns out that my unfolding on this was erroneous, and the fabrication was a huge pain in the ass – you wouldn’t think it would be big deal, but each of the faces you see is actually supposed to have a diagonal bend across each one. Just 1/64 of an inch out of planarity, and the design almost didn’t work. Lots of clamping, prying and cursing to get the edges to line up even near appropriately. I need to decide if I want to cover up those dings and gouges by grinding them out and powder coating it an opaque color, or if I want the process to be transparent to the viewer by just using a clear coat. Hmmmmmm.
Helix Sculpture 2

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