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Pas de Deux (Hello, Captain Cliche)

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I’ve finally had some time to break away from the Water & Power project. What do I do with the time? Design more sculptures, of course. OCD, anyone? I need to update my How? section to reflect the new tools I’ve been using - I’ve moved away from SketchUp and into fromZ for modeling. FormZ is a much more powerful tool, but it’s burdened with a commensurate bump in complexity. I still spend more time wondering what the hell is going on rather than feeling confident in the necessary procedure to do what I need. This confusion has actually been a subtle prod to more creativity - playing without understanding can bring you back to the “Beginner’s Mind” that breeds newness and breaks habits.

NOTE: This is not the original image from this post, but you get the idea.

I just couldn’t shake the impression of one form aiding the other to float overhead - like two ballet dancers in a pas de deux. This was rendered in Maxwell - I’m a rank amateur, so am excited about the potential quality renders looming on the horizon.