I’ve been working on some ideas for more utilitarian designs – if you can call a candleholder useful. The first image is the sheet metal shapes as modeled in FormZ.
Candle Holder Model
And here is the first prototype in 14 gauge stainless.
Candle holder
This is (kinda) what it looks like with a tea light candle inside. I made a little platform that sits inside that will hopefully make the thing a little safer – the top of the enclosure does get pretty hot, but one of the unique properties of stainless steel is it’s low thermal conductivity compared to other metals. The top gets hot but the sides stay cool.
Candle holder Lit
The whole point of this piece is the pattern generated by the flickering light traveling through the holes, but my low-light camera skills is be real goodz – I could show you the pretty black rectangle I made, but… yeah.

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