In trying to get back into making paintings, I realized that some frustration stems from my (very) rusty drafting skills. I’ve busted out some pencils and paper and tried to make the effort to polish up, but come away frustrated. All those hours of grinding and bending metal haven’t helped the physical state of my hands, wrists, and shoulders at all. Add to that the fact that I did some pretty serious damage to my wrists when I was 16 and working construction – ran a compactor, kinda like a jackhammer with flat plate on the bottom for compacting soils – and it’s pretty obvious what the problem is. I don’t think any amount of practice can compensate for the loss of fine motor control and the delicate touch necessary for truly fine drawing. Not saying these drawings are horrible, just that I feel they could be much better than they are if my body was up to the task. Or it’s just a case of the bad craftsman blaming his tools.

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