Exocubic Studio

Exocubic Studio


So, this:

Shelterstack Render

Initial computer model. ^


Turned into this:

Shelterstack installed

Finished and Installed in Little Rock, Arkansas. ^


By holding my mouth just so and doing this: 

Laser-cut stainless

Raw material meets laser. ^


Anchoring Plate

Anchoring plate that gets embedded in the concrete footing. ^


Base reinforcements

Base reinforcements. ^


First House

First house. ^

Internal frame

Internal frame for stiffness. ^


Housing drama

House - drama shot. ^


Anchoring gussets

Internal gussets for bolting the main sculpture onto its base. ^


Close up of hex nut and gusset

Corner bracing with Special Guest Star Hex Nut. ^


Second House

Second house. ^



Weld, weld, weld. ^


Third House

Next house goes on. ^


Anchoring plate embedments

Another shot of the anchoring plate. For reasons. ^


Numba 5

Numba 5. ^



That makes six. ^


7th House

Lucky seven. ^



Sculpture is done - just needs bolting onto its base. ^