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Exocubic Studio

Through the Looking Glass - DONE!



After a long week of cutting, grinding, welding, and bolting - the convex hexes are all attached to Through the Looking Glass. That means that I'm finally finished - the only parts still without a home are those for the base, and they need to stay off until the piece is installed. Heavy sigh of satisfaction; I really like this thing.

Below are some more action shots, showing the process for attaching the convex hexes. Those in the "field" and along the inner edge are a piece of cake; the ones that follow along the elliptical edge each have to be cut to shape and a custom rig for bolting them on has to be fabricated. I was able to get about 8 on per 8 hour day. Very labor-intensive and a bit hard on my hairline.


Slicing the hexagons

Slicing the hexes to fit. Each hex that falls along the curved edge has to be cut to fit. This is because I couldn't figure out how to roll the convexity into the cut pieces, so had to roll, then cut. I cut each of these dudes with a cut-off wheel on a 4" grinder. Troglodyte!


Mounting Plate and Gussets

Mounting plate and gussets. When the hex is cut, it opens up a gap between it and the main face of the sculpture that needs to be filled. You can see the thin slice of stainless that does this job at the top of this picture.


Rivet Nuts are sweet

Rivet nuts are sweet! The rivet nut enables me to both attach the mounting plate AND the hex to the sculpture's face: the crimping of the rivet nut binds the plate to the face, and then a screw can be threaded into the rivet nut itself. Not so troglodyte!


The easy ones

The easy ones. Hopefully this illustrates why the majority of these convex guys were able to be added in one day. A few squeezes of the nut setter, a couple screws (with thread locker) and voila.


Bottom Arc

Bottom arc. Like so. This really shows how the sliced hexes clean up the design and tie the room together, Dude.


The Last Hex

The. Last. Hex. Did a little dance after this.


Now I just need to get the thing to Little Rock. Are you guys ready yet?