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throughthelookingglass installed 04

Loaded the Through the Looking Glass piece onto the trailer and hauled it to its home in Little Rock last weekend. The installation went flawlessly; good thing, as we had a surprise (to me anyway) dedication and press event 3 hours ofter we got the thing in place. Impromptu speechifying is not my strong suit, but damn them torpedoes, dog.

Below are some images of the whole shebang.


Trailered up and tied down. ^


Hoisting it off the trailer

Hoisting it off. Rigging a shape like this is about as simple as it gets. ^


Through the looking glass

Ta-da. View from the river side, with the flat hexes reflecting the sky just like I wanted. ^

Arkansas River Through the Looking Glass

Arkansas River, Through the Looking Glass. The City did a great job on the site landscaping; the view courtesy of mother nature. ^ 


Dutch Angle TTLG

Artsy. Dutch angle FTW.


Pubic Sperker

Errrm, uhh, reflections... and stuff. Derp. ^



The Man. AKA Dr. Dean Kumpuris, the heart and soul of Little Rock. Thanks for all you do, Dean.


Kay, Me and TtLG

Patrons ROCK. Yours truly with one of the chief donors, Kay. ^


On the move

Moving into place. We trimmed the trees a bit with the forks, but nothing bad happened. ^


Onto the footing

Onto the footing. I'd sent out an anchoring plate with bolts in place to avoid the usual pain of drilling and epoxying. Worked great.