Exocubic Studio

Exocubic Studio

Taking a breath.

Been too long since I updated things here. Mostly due to massive time suck of remodeling our kitchen, and the cascade of chores that stem from taking something like that on.


otary wheel sculpture

Rotary wheel 1

rotary wheel hub

Hangin' Wheel

rotary wheel birdseye

Rotary wheel edges


Rotary wheel posts

Rotary wheel pickup for scale

Anyway, I made a giant elevated Rotary Wheel.^

Shipped it off to the site - supposedly, it's been installed, but I've no proof that it isn't at the bottom of the Arkansas river. 


Privacy screen design

Screen panel

Screen panel installed

Privacy screen done

I also designed and fabricated some privacy screens for a local client (thanks, Chris!) ^



First Lady structure

First lady fab

First Lady assembly

First Lady head

First Lady done with metalwork

First Lady Patina

First Lady installed

AND, I made a 3d interpretation of a university logo for Harding University in Arkansas.