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Exocubic Studio

What's Happening Now?

I'm currently working on my largest and most complex design to date: "Overcome" for Little Rock, Arkansas. Below is a rendering of the 3d design in Solidworks.

Overcome in Solidworks

“Overcome" ^


And here is a gallery of my progress over the last few weeks:

Anchoring plate

Anchoring Plate - 3/8" Stainless. ^


Stack of stainless parts

1/4" Stainless Parts. Just some of the over 2,000 pounds of stainless steel that make up this thing. ^


1114e img 1308

Assembling the Platforms. Each of the arrow-like uprights gets one of these welded to it's base. ^


Assembling the platforms

7c7c4 img 1318

Hinge System Test. When the entire assembled piece is too big to haul in one piece - divide and conquer! Each upright will be hinged to the anchor plate and tilted up into position on site. ^

Hinge System Test 2; Making sure everyone fits...


...and properly pivots on it's hinges. ^

First upright

First upright underway. Tacking together the 14 gauge parts that make up the first upright. ^


MOre upright progress

More upright progress. ^


Bolt pocket

Bolt pocket. Each upright bolts to a central ring to add structural rigidity. ^


Anchor ring

Anchor Ring. The central ring, with integral 1/2" Hex Nuts. 10 Gauge stainless. ^


Attaching the platform to the first upright

Upright is, uh… Upright! ^


26b2c img 1364

Tacking the upright into position on the platform. ^


2bea5 img 1385

Weld, weld, weld. Grind grind grind. Swirl swirl swirl. Stack stack stack. ^


Joining the halves

Joining the halves. Time to make one anchor plate out of two halves.


three upright

It Works! Hey Mikey! Three uprights fit into place, with the anchor ring in place. ^


Tilt test

Testing the Tilt-Up concept ^



Barad-Dur! Not really Sauron’s tower. Just a giraffe’s-eye view of the sculpture so far. ^


Uprights in morning light