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Overcome Installed

"Overcome" installed in Little Rock, Arkansas.

“We are not afraid, we are not afraid. We are not afraid today. Deep in my heart I do believe. We shall overcome someday.”

On September 25th, 1957, nine brave schoolchildren walked into Central High School and became symbols for a nation. They symbolized the righteous striving for equality and justice that continues to this day. I have chosen to refer symbolically to this event in my sculpture “Overcome” to honor both these students and what they represent to us all as a society and a culture. Nine shapes begin, caged by a lattice of injustice and segregation. They rise up and come together, and, leaning upon their collective strength, break their bonds to soar free. Each form is an arrow pointing skyward in continued aspiration for the greater good and an indication that more is yet to be done.


Here's some shots of the installation:

Oops - no anchor bolts

Off to a great start. We had to postpone the installation a day. Pretty hard to proceed without the anchor bolts needed to hold the whole thing together.



Fixed. Hey look, anchor bolts!


First upright

First Upright is... Upright. The City of Little Rock's Parks crew has worked with us for over a decade and have become expert sculpture wranglers. Jessy and Anthony busted their asses with us the whole day - Thanks, guys!


Craning in No2

Craning in Number 2.


More uprights

More Uprights in place.


All the uprights in place

Uprights finished. Really elated that the whole hinging and anchoring system worked flawlessly.


Unwrapping the protective film

Unwrap. Removed most of the protective film from the uprights. Time to start riveting!



"Floating” Hexes. Riveting the hexagons that span between uprights into place.



FINIS! It all worked. Careful planning and accurate computer modeling equals a successful outcome. So psyched!

Stand back

A little distance… Pulled back a bit for this shot. The base cone will be eased a bit and plantings added to hide the junction between concrete and artwork.


Wide shot

Wide shot. We had tons of people driving by and commenting. One woman stopped her car in traffic to get a photo. It belongs to you now, Little Rock!


Sky and stainless

Beautiful day to “Overcome.” Blue sky, fluffy clouds, and stainless steel.


Below are some more photos from the fabrication process.

Upright fabrication

Single upright being tacked together

Butt joint

Looking at you

More upright fab

Pile o'uprights

Adding the mirrored veneers

Assembling the hexagonal

That's a lot of parts



Adding the cage parts to the uprights


And loading up for the trek to LR:


Ready to go

base plates bolted to the trailer

Tacoma on the job