Exocubic Studio

Exocubic Studio

Smoke, Bollard Artwork, and Being Done.

Had a chance to take some photos while the area was under the influence of smoke from forest fires throughout the west. Weird, lovely light.

Crop smokey

Construct smokey

Course smokey


It took a while for the stone parts of the bollards to get finished up, but once they were in I added on the stainless artwork. Lots of drilling and epoxy, but it was a gorgeous day for it.

Course bollard

Bollard trio

Crop and crop

Course bollard in front of Construct

Bollards at Odell Brewing

Bike racks

Construct beauty shot

A big thanks to everyone involved in this project. It was a real honor to have the opportunity to enhance my home base of Fort Collins, Colorado. I hope you've all enjoyed going along for the ride.