Exocubic Studio

Exocubic Studio

Weaving Interwoven: The Beginning.

Now that I've bent some tabs, the actual assembly can start. First steps are to figure out which part goes where; I've employed a letter-plus-number system cut right into the metal to try to simplify this process. Seems to be working OK, but ascertaining "front" and "back" on a form without them is somewhat problematic.  It's just a matter of playing "who's your neighbor" and keeping track of those relationships. I divided the form up into 13 "modules" consisting of the sheetmetal surrounding each hole. Beyond planning, the actual assembly is aided by the use of these little doodads called "Clecos," which are spring-loaded temporary rivets that hold things in position until actual rivets can be added. Pneumatic riveter for the win. (I "love" "using" "quotes," apparently.)

Printouts on the fab table

Laying it all out. Using printouts from my 3D model, I’m trying to figure out who goes where.


Rivets and glove

Rivets. Lots of rivets. Over 1500.


Clecos and clamp

Clecos. Clecos are temporary rivets that hold things in place until you can use a real one.


First section underway

First. The first half-module is done. This just might work.



More Clecos. This is looking pretty cool.


One and a half sections done

One and a half. Look at that caveman go.