Exocubic Studio

Exocubic Studio

Fire Tools.

Once I decided the CinderCone required an ash door to clean out the fire basin, it was pretty self-evident that some tools to facilitate the process were in order. That, and my own set of tools was pretty homely and long in the tooth. I elected to run with the hexagon motif and stick with solid stainless for the material.


The Poker/Hook. Went with hexagonal rod for the shaft to really drive home the idea that Hexes Are Awesome. ^


Shovel. 11 gauge stainless steel scoop with tab and slot construction. ^


And… the tongs. Challenging design, but worth it. ^


With the tools designed, I realized they needed a place to live — one that complimented the CinderCone but was capable of standing on its own, too:

Tool storage unit.

A “garage” to store the tools. The Hive!