My approach to public artworks is to follow a collaborative working model. I seek input from many sources and incorporate a multitude of means to produce successful artwork. The result is one wherein the line between artist, client and audience is blurred and the sense of accomplishment is shared by all. Through my public artwork, I hope to elicit a sense of pride and ownership in the community by way of an approachable sculptural vernacular. I would like the viewer to feel as though my work is speaking for them as well as to them.

My work is primarily focused on the conveyance of metaphorical meanings that relate to universal themes such as balance, interdependence, and the human condition. I utilize technology to a great degree in the creation of my sculpture. I also seek to use more environmentally conscious materials and processes wherever possible. These sustainable and technological aspects are essential to artwork for public places, both in theme & practice. Dependent on the nature of each project, I employ durable materials such as stone, concrete, metal and glass. I find that the interplay between different media serves to accentuate the intrinsic qualities of each material. This juxtaposition adds another layer of interest to the total artwork placement.