Exocubic Studio

Glass and brass brooch. Imaginary jewelry requires no mines, or a “mine!"

Study in Gray. Time for the close-up.

Study in Gray. A little closer.

Study in Gray.

Made with the brand-spankin' new #cinema4d R21 and #redshift3d

…and at a park in Johannesburg, SA. The magic of High Dynamic Rang Images. You can place your work wherever someone was kind enough to take an image and share it.

Revisiting my old "Orbits" idea. This is what it looks like in Venice at sunrise.

Juncos. Another #throwbackthursday #tbt

Another one from the archive. Developing patterns for a sculpture idea that never materialized.

Working on some patterns.

Resurrected that old Caged Helix piece, for practice. What am I, the Night King now? #cinema4d #redshift3d

Throwback (hey, is it Thursday?) to one of the first images I made in Cinema4d.


I think I found one of those "big brass balls" people are always talking about.

Yeah, he's finally lost it.

Working on another animation, this one heavily inspired by @zhestkov. Still frame.

Holey Balls!

Lots of learnin’ going on over here…

"#tbt to another old 3D composition in @maxonc4d"

Uh oh. Feels like that third dimension is calling my name.

Vanishing Point. Dutch angle versus classic perspective with a digital encaustic effect.

Organized my storage a bit. Found this old dude.

Happy Valentine's Day.

She Waits. Can't remember if I already posted this one, and too lazy to check.

Faux Kiss.

Pretend depth of field; nothing but vector and strategically layered gaussian blur. We don't need no steenking 3D software!

Pearl. Fired up my old 3D software Modo for this one. Mostly just to remind myself that 3D is hard.