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”Course,” one of the 3 sculptures I did for Art in Public Places here Fort Collins. Dramatic light courtesy of Colorado Sunsets, Inc.

Shots from the Veterans’ Memorial I did for the City of Paramount, California.

Aaaaaand the ash shovel. A$$ shove all? Now for the rack to hang 'em on…

#throwbackthursday to installing "Crop," last of three main artworks for the Lincoln Corridor project here in Fort Collins.

#tbt to that day Thor -almost- got me. Working on "Water & Power" in Loveland, CO.

Interwoven: Installed!

Interwoven - INSTALLED!

Interwoven sculpture beneath the underpass

Ran down to Little Rock on Sunday/Monday with Interwoven in tow. Stayed with new friends Mike and Marty, then got up Tuesday morning and bolted it down to the base. As usual, the City Parks crew were a huge help, and have become some of the best art handlers/installers in the country. I love the bridge as a backdrop: the piece was at least partially inspired by the multiple bridges across the Arkansas river, and their riveted, industrial aura.

Below are some more photos:

Interwoven on the trailer

Interwoven hanging out

Interwoven huddle

Interwoven with the river behind

Smoke, Bollard Artwork, and Being Done.

Had a chance to take some photos while the area was under the influence of smoke from forest fires throughout the west. Weird, lovely light.

Crop smokey

Construct smokey

Course smokey


It took a while for the stone parts of the bollards to get finished up, but once they were in I added on the stainless artwork. Lots of drilling and epoxy, but it was a gorgeous day for it.

Course bollard

Bollard trio

Crop and crop

Course bollard in front of Construct

Bollards at Odell Brewing

Bike racks

Construct beauty shot

A big thanks to everyone involved in this project. It was a real honor to have the opportunity to enhance my home base of Fort Collins, Colorado. I hope you've all enjoyed going along for the ride.

Making Terralogue Totems: Delivery and Installation.

The bike racks, delivered and waiting for install.

Bike racks on pallets


Unloading the pallets full of bike racks.

Ofloading the racks


"Course" install - These little telescoping forklifts are so much fun. And handy.

Course install


"Construct" install - Bam!

Construct install


"Crop" install - First one of the set. Went in without a hitch.

Crop install

“Course” has landed. Blue sky. Blue forklift. Blue Tacoma.

“Crop” is in place, too! Like buddah.

“Construct” is installed! One down, two to go.


Overcome Installed

"Overcome" installed in Little Rock, Arkansas.

“We are not afraid, we are not afraid. We are not afraid today. Deep in my heart I do believe. We shall overcome someday.”

On September 25th, 1957, nine brave schoolchildren walked into Central High School and became symbols for a nation. They symbolized the righteous striving for equality and justice that continues to this day. I have chosen to refer symbolically to this event in my sculpture “Overcome” to honor both these students and what they represent to us all as a society and a culture. Nine shapes begin, caged by a lattice of injustice and segregation. They rise up and come together, and, leaning upon their collective strength, break their bonds to soar free. Each form is an arrow pointing skyward in continued aspiration for the greater good and an indication that more is yet to be done.


Here's some shots of the installation:

Oops - no anchor bolts

Off to a great start. We had to postpone the installation a day. Pretty hard to proceed without the anchor bolts needed to hold the whole thing together.



Fixed. Hey look, anchor bolts!


First upright

First Upright is... Upright. The City of Little Rock's Parks crew has worked with us for over a decade and have become expert sculpture wranglers. Jessy and Anthony busted their asses with us the whole day - Thanks, guys!


Craning in No2

Craning in Number 2.


More uprights

More Uprights in place.


All the uprights in place

Uprights finished. Really elated that the whole hinging and anchoring system worked flawlessly.


Unwrapping the protective film

Unwrap. Removed most of the protective film from the uprights. Time to start riveting!



"Floating” Hexes. Riveting the hexagons that span between uprights into place.



FINIS! It all worked. Careful planning and accurate computer modeling equals a successful outcome. So psyched!

Stand back

A little distance… Pulled back a bit for this shot. The base cone will be eased a bit and plantings added to hide the junction between concrete and artwork.


Wide shot

Wide shot. We had tons of people driving by and commenting. One woman stopped her car in traffic to get a photo. It belongs to you now, Little Rock!


Sky and stainless

Beautiful day to “Overcome.” Blue sky, fluffy clouds, and stainless steel.


Below are some more photos from the fabrication process.

Upright fabrication

Single upright being tacked together

Butt joint

Looking at you

More upright fab

Pile o'uprights

Adding the mirrored veneers

Assembling the hexagonal

That's a lot of parts



Adding the cage parts to the uprights


And loading up for the trek to LR:


Ready to go

base plates bolted to the trailer

Tacoma on the job


A few of the things I've been up to since my last posty.

Rotary Wheel sculpture

The Rotary Wheel is installed in the Rotary Plaza in Little Rock. ^


Mockingbird Shade

And so is the Mockingbird Shade at the Children's Hospital in the same city. ^



WaterMusic is brightening up Jen and Scott's beautiful new home! ^

Donor Mandala Installed

Donor Mandala Installed

Donor Mandala at FCMOD. ^

It was a long time coming, but the Donor Mandala has been installed at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.


throughthelookingglass installed 04

Loaded the Through the Looking Glass piece onto the trailer and hauled it to its home in Little Rock last weekend. The installation went flawlessly; good thing, as we had a surprise (to me anyway) dedication and press event 3 hours ofter we got the thing in place. Impromptu speechifying is not my strong suit, but damn them torpedoes, dog.

Below are some images of the whole shebang.


Trailered up and tied down. ^


Hoisting it off the trailer

Hoisting it off. Rigging a shape like this is about as simple as it gets. ^


Through the looking glass

Ta-da. View from the river side, with the flat hexes reflecting the sky just like I wanted. ^

Arkansas River Through the Looking Glass

Arkansas River, Through the Looking Glass. The City did a great job on the site landscaping; the view courtesy of mother nature. ^ 


Dutch Angle TTLG

Artsy. Dutch angle FTW.


Pubic Sperker

Errrm, uhh, reflections... and stuff. Derp. ^



The Man. AKA Dr. Dean Kumpuris, the heart and soul of Little Rock. Thanks for all you do, Dean.


Kay, Me and TtLG

Patrons ROCK. Yours truly with one of the chief donors, Kay. ^


On the move

Moving into place. We trimmed the trees a bit with the forks, but nothing bad happened. ^


Onto the footing

Onto the footing. I'd sent out an anchoring plate with bolts in place to avoid the usual pain of drilling and epoxying. Worked great.

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Installed the Mockingbird Awnings (along with a whole truckload of other stuff) in Boerne, TX last weekend. Gumby chain support is going to be replaced with some handmade wrought iron.

Skinning the bases.

W P  skinning the bases 008

Ren helped me install the second layer of 12 gauge sheets to the bases. In the lovely “November in Colorado” wind - a 30 mph gust can sure make 150 pounds feel like 300. Yippee! Drilled and placed over 200 rivets over the course of three days.

Bitching aside, it’s that much closer to being done.

Water and Power - installed.

W P Install 019

The Water and Power sculptures are (finally!) in their rightful places. I was a little too busy to get any good action shots, but I’ll see if I can’t find some and post ’em.

These things are really, really big. And blue. And yellow.

Number Six.

2008 05 15 Together 16ft Install 3
Back from Little Rock, Arkansas having installed my sixth major piece of public art. None of these installations comes off without a hitch, but it seemed like this one was actually easier than some of the others - perhaps indicating that John* and I are actually learning? Personally, I was able to relax a bit more, which in turn allowed me to communicate better with our crane operator and everyone helping us. The elderly crane owner was there (in addition to the operator) and his expertise made a huge impact - but he was very soft-spoken and had the thickest Arkansas accent I’d yet encountered. It took a conscious effort on my part to pause and really talk things over with him in order to comprehend what he was advising. I think I’ve finally gotten mature enough to shut off the ego and do what’s needed to achieve the goal. About time. Also, the Little Rock Parks and Rec guys were there to help us out, and they REALLY did. The strongest lesson I came away with was that we collectively are much more capable and wise than any of us is singularly.

* - John Kinkade, the Executive Director of the National Sculptors’ Guild and my dear friend of 16 years. (That’s him on the far right above.)

More info here, here, and here.