Exocubic Studio


A couple nice b&w shots.

Bike racks black and white

Crop BW

Simplicity Project: But It's a Dry Heat

But It’s a Dry Heat - Image not found. Boo.

Interesting how subtle changes to only the underlying geometry result in dramatic changes in the emotional impact of the design.

Simplicity Project: Grand Planetary Alignment


Added a bit of grain to cover up Illustrator's banding on the gradient. Not sure why that happens - so much to learn!

Simplicity Project: Message from Gliese 581g


Complexity begins to emerge from simplicity. I love the OP aspect of this one, the way such simple shapes and colors produce an almost animated effect. I would love to make a high-quality print of this one.

Simplicity Project: Antipathy

2aa7a 2013 01 20hal 1

(Must have renamed this file somewhere along the way…)

Experimenting with iterating a 2-color design through progressively more complex geometry.

Simplicity Project: No. 2

1cbdd 2014 01 22notminimalhexes 01

I did this one quite a while ago, but it was done under the influence of my desire to get back to basics, to get ideas “down on paper”.

Done in Adobe Illustrator.

New Project: Simplicity

Image: Square-Blend–2 (Lost to the mists of time)

Attempting to make some art, instead of just thinking and talking (to myself) about it. Looking to exploit the computer as a creative tool in as simplified a way as possible.

Andreas Christen

Raum2 2b

More info here.

Gravity Well


and working in Illustrator. Sometimes the complexity of 3d just gets on my nerves.