Exocubic Studio

Made some 30/60/90 3D triangles for clamping corners. I work with #stainless 99% of the time, so magnetic corner guides are a no-go.

Chimenea progress: got the grill added and the eyebrow welded on. The grill has a 3/8" threaded rod underneath to help support your firewood.

Pretty excited about how this thing is coming together.

#welding #fabrication #functionalart #sculpture #chimenea

More progress on the chimenea.

Getting started on the CinderCone chimenea prototype. Big thanks to @hunterseverous and @motobilt_inc for the sweet #fiberlaser cutting.

Chimenea cutout pattern, showing how the attractor curve influences the hexes. Fancy!

Still wrangling with logistics on fabricating these things. Here's another render to tide you over. Not sure I'm digging the swirl finish; might go with a more subdued sanded finish. What do you folks think?

One of the funkier designs I did for the Sugar Beet Park trellis. Would've liked to have seen this one built, but that's part of the public art game.

Another blob of bait that caught no fish. Parabolic curve and catenary working hard. And falling on their face.

Submitted this one. Wasn't selected. Ya win some, ya lose A LOT.  Anyone want one?

#sculpture #publicart #youmayalreadybealoser #proposal

Messing with some patterning iterations for the aforementioned new screen. #sculpture #mediterraneandiet

Another one from the archive. Developing patterns for a sculpture idea that never materialized.

Working on some patterns.

My studio. ANTIGRAV raw vectors in Affinity Designer. Sweet work table by my friend Anne Bossert; yeah, that's hand-dyed and hand-woven fabric on the cushion. 

Got some stuff back from the framer. There's something about seeing a heretofore purely digital image made manifest out here in the “real" world.

Remember the "Spark" sculpture from a couple weeks ago? Yeah, didn't get the job. That's the name of the #publicart game. #sculpture #stainlesssteel #boohoo

"Spark" sculpture has been officially submitted, so now I can show it off. Don't believe in luck, but wish me some anyway. (Wait, how does that work?)

Working something up. Churn churn churn. #sculpture #publicart #yesistilldo3d


A couple pieces of news.

First, after 25 years together, I am no longer represented by the National Sculptors' Guild and Columbine Gallery.

Second, new developers have bought the building my shop was in. So, almost 4 years to the day since I moved in, (much like Elvis) I've exited the building.

Here it was in 2014, ready to get to work:

Interior of my shop, full

Hello Shop


Interior of shop, empty

Goodbye Shop

Ready to go.


Interwoven is finished!

Interwoven finished in the shop

After five long months of work through the winter, Interwoven is finally done. Very happy little metal monkey over here. So pleased, in fact, that I composed a wee poem for the occasion:

Unseen fabric
Warp of Time
Weft of Space
The tapestry of connection
Between me and everything
Node to node
Emergent consciousness
And Synecdoche
Hydrogen becoming
A Universe evolving
with which to see

Below are more views of the final steps in the assembly.

Interwoven last parts

Interwoven adding the base

Interwoven from above

Interwoven morning light

Interwoven is still being woven.

I've been slowed down with the cold and a nice dose of the flu, but I am still plugging away on Interwoven.

Interwoven - adding the 10th module

Working on the tenth module.

Weaving Interwoven: Still Going!

I’m still — slowly — making progress on the Interwoven piece.


The modules are beginning to weave together.


Interwoven - base cuts

The cutouts where the main body meets the base.

The weaving of Interwoven has begun. 

#publicart #sculpture #fabrication #stainless

Weaving Interwoven: Progress report.

Still working on Interwoven and making good, albeit slow, progress. We had a nice cold snap where the temps dropped down near 0°. Makes the interior of my nice all-concrete shop feel like a meat locker, only colder.

Interwoven five

Flipping it over for easier access.

Interwoven clampy

Clamping and using Clecos (temporary rivets) to hold things in place.

Interwoven clecosdof

Pulling the seam together. Nice Depth of Field!

Interwoven six

That’s a LOT of rivets.