Exocubic Studio

”Course,” one of the 3 sculptures I did for Art in Public Places here Fort Collins. Dramatic light courtesy of Colorado Sunsets, Inc.

Discovered I only had a tiny thumbnail of this shot. Dug out an old external backup ssd and managed to locate the high res. “Course" totem in weathering steel and stainless. Sunset ftw.

Public Art Proposals

“Water & Power,” “Power” both big and small.

#tbt to the Mermaid I did for Norfolk, Virginia.

#tbt to "Through the Looking Glass."

Night shot of "HiveMind" @poudrelibraries. Photo by @jafetparsons

Shots from the Veterans’ Memorial I did for the City of Paramount, California.

#throwbackthursday to this design proposal, titled "Transformer."

#throwbackthursday to installing "Crop," last of three main artworks for the Lincoln Corridor project here in Fort Collins.

#tbt to that day Thor -almost- got me. Working on "Water & Power" in Loveland, CO.

#tbt to the Rotary wheel I did for the Little Rock club's 100th.

“Upholding” Veteran's Memorial in Paramount, California.

#InternationalSculptureDay #ISDay 

"Overcome" for #InternationalSculptureDay #ISDay

Another one to celebrate #InternationalSculptureDay #ISDay - "Interwoven."

For #InternationalSculptureDay #ISDay - "Through the Looking Glass."

"Solar Sails” installed one million years ago in Paramount, CA.

And being fabricated.

A long-ago rejected proposal design. I think it was for a music venue of some sort.

Another view of Wellspring, installed at the Adams County Government Building here in Colorado. 2011.

Haven't thought about this one in a while. “Wellspring."

One of the funkier designs I did for the Sugar Beet Park trellis. Would've liked to have seen this one built, but that's part of the public art game.

(Bike racks I did for the City of Loveland, CO)

Bike rack.

#sculpture #IsItThough? #publicart #stainlesssteel

Another blob of bait that caught no fish. Parabolic curve and catenary working hard. And falling on their face.