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Submitted this one. Wasn't selected. Ya win some, ya lose A LOT.  Anyone want one?

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#tbt to “Overcome" in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

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Found this -ancient- idea for a sculpture proposal while searching for something else. SketchUp. I like the absence of any “sculpture" focal point; just some trees, some water, and a place to notice it all.

Highlight of sculpture fabrication 2018: "Interwoven."

Remember the "Spark" sculpture from a couple weeks ago? Yeah, didn't get the job. That's the name of the #publicart game. #sculpture #stainlesssteel #boohoo

"Spark" sculpture has been officially submitted, so now I can show it off. Don't believe in luck, but wish me some anyway. (Wait, how does that work?)

Working something up. Churn churn churn. #sculpture #publicart #yesistilldo3d

Made it.

Ready to go.

Interwoven: Installed!

Interwoven - INSTALLED!

Interwoven sculpture beneath the underpass

Ran down to Little Rock on Sunday/Monday with Interwoven in tow. Stayed with new friends Mike and Marty, then got up Tuesday morning and bolted it down to the base. As usual, the City Parks crew were a huge help, and have become some of the best art handlers/installers in the country. I love the bridge as a backdrop: the piece was at least partially inspired by the multiple bridges across the Arkansas river, and their riveted, industrial aura.

Below are some more photos:

Interwoven on the trailer

Interwoven hanging out

Interwoven huddle

Interwoven with the river behind

Hey Instageeks! Didja miss me? Took a break from soso media while I FINISHED INTERWOVEN (Thanks Cyndi for the great photo!)


Interwoven is finished!

Interwoven finished in the shop

After five long months of work through the winter, Interwoven is finally done. Very happy little metal monkey over here. So pleased, in fact, that I composed a wee poem for the occasion:

Unseen fabric
Warp of Time
Weft of Space
The tapestry of connection
Between me and everything
Node to node
Emergent consciousness
And Synecdoche
Hydrogen becoming
A Universe evolving
with which to see

Below are more views of the final steps in the assembly.

Interwoven last parts

Interwoven adding the base

Interwoven from above

Interwoven morning light

Interwoven is still being woven.

I've been slowed down with the cold and a nice dose of the flu, but I am still plugging away on Interwoven.

Interwoven - adding the 10th module

Working on the tenth module.

Weaving Interwoven: Still Going!

I’m still — slowly — making progress on the Interwoven piece.


The modules are beginning to weave together.


Interwoven - base cuts

The cutouts where the main body meets the base.

The weaving of Interwoven has begun. 

#publicart #sculpture #fabrication #stainless

Weaving Interwoven: Progress report.

Still working on Interwoven and making good, albeit slow, progress. We had a nice cold snap where the temps dropped down near 0°. Makes the interior of my nice all-concrete shop feel like a meat locker, only colder.

Interwoven five

Flipping it over for easier access.

Interwoven clampy

Clamping and using Clecos (temporary rivets) to hold things in place.

Interwoven clecosdof

Pulling the seam together. Nice Depth of Field!

Interwoven six

That’s a LOT of rivets.

Weaving Interwoven: Warp and Weft. Woof.

More progress on the assembly. Starting to feel like this just might work!

Interwoven 2 modules

Interwoven overview

Interwoven seam with rivets

Interwoven 3 modules together

Interwoven 4

Interwoven 4 upright

Interwoven drama b and w

Weaving Interwoven: The Beginning.

Now that I've bent some tabs, the actual assembly can start. First steps are to figure out which part goes where; I've employed a letter-plus-number system cut right into the metal to try to simplify this process. Seems to be working OK, but ascertaining "front" and "back" on a form without them is somewhat problematic.  It's just a matter of playing "who's your neighbor" and keeping track of those relationships. I divided the form up into 13 "modules" consisting of the sheetmetal surrounding each hole. Beyond planning, the actual assembly is aided by the use of these little doodads called "Clecos," which are spring-loaded temporary rivets that hold things in position until actual rivets can be added. Pneumatic riveter for the win. (I "love" "using" "quotes," apparently.)

Printouts on the fab table

Laying it all out. Using printouts from my 3D model, I’m trying to figure out who goes where.


Rivets and glove

Rivets. Lots of rivets. Over 1500.


Clecos and clamp

Clecos. Clecos are temporary rivets that hold things in place until you can use a real one.


First section underway

First. The first half-module is done. This just might work.



More Clecos. This is looking pretty cool.


One and a half sections done

One and a half. Look at that caveman go.

Ooh, artsy!

#sculpture #stainlesssteel #mobius #publicart

Interwoven: Fabrication.

Once the virtual model is finalized and I have all the surfaces flattened and laid out, the files are sent off to Wesco Laser to be cut from 14 (main body) and 7 (base) gauge 304 stainless steel. Now I get to try to turn this:

Pile of stainless steel parts

Into a piece of public art.


box of tabs

Oh, and remember those tabs I talked about? Here they are, ready to be bent and employed to hold the whole works together.

Trying something new(ish).

I have been utilizing the welding process in making my sculptures for 30 years.  It is a straightforward, effective method for joining metal together—but there are some downsides. Biggest of these is the warping that occurs from the adding of heat; second is the aesthetic requirement of dressing the welds. Grinding and finishing out the weld beads and the associated discoloration around them (chasing) is time-consuming and, frankly, painful. I've experimented in the past with alternative methods of joining parts, like here:

breck w tiffany sunlit 1

“Breakfast with Tiffany” - rivets!



I thought I'd try using rivets to assemble a larger piece, and "Interwoven" seemed like a great candidate, as warping and chasing out the welds on this beast would be bad. Very bad.

This did end up translating into many, many more hours of tedious design time on the computer—but that's the price for ART!!! I placed over 2000 paired holes into the model and designed a simple tab to span the seam where two parts meet.

A note for the geeks: this shape was generated parametrically with code in the Grasshopper plug-in for Rhinoceros, and is based on the famous strip of Mr. Moebius. The chief challenge here is determining just how to go about realizing this mathematical form; there is no "front" or "back" and the the inner edge becomes the outer, and vice versa. Add to that the way the "faces" weave through each other, and you have a real head-scratcher on your hands/brain.

Interwoven model 1

Interwoven model 2

Interwoven unrolled layout 1

Interwoven unrolled layout 2


So, now that I've caught up on the Lincoln Corridor project, it's time to move on to what's currently occupying my time. "Interwoven" is a new sculpture commissioned by the City of Little Rock, Arkansas for the new expansion of their Vogel-Schwartz sculpture garden. Concept rendering below.

Interwoven mobius render

Smoke, Bollard Artwork, and Being Done.

Had a chance to take some photos while the area was under the influence of smoke from forest fires throughout the west. Weird, lovely light.

Crop smokey

Construct smokey

Course smokey


It took a while for the stone parts of the bollards to get finished up, but once they were in I added on the stainless artwork. Lots of drilling and epoxy, but it was a gorgeous day for it.

Course bollard

Bollard trio

Crop and crop

Course bollard in front of Construct

Bollards at Odell Brewing

Bike racks

Construct beauty shot

A big thanks to everyone involved in this project. It was a real honor to have the opportunity to enhance my home base of Fort Collins, Colorado. I hope you've all enjoyed going along for the ride.

The dreaded selfie.

AAANND then there's this goofus.

fabricator fabricatin