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I have a whole album of these "spontaneous spectra." The beveled edge on the shower door makes a nice prism.

If you find it impossible to make art while someone you love is in the hospital, are you really an artist?

Lease was up on the Tacoma. In keeping with my change of career focus, I elected to go car. @hyundaiusa Kona. Been a while since driving was FUN. Turbochargers will do that!

Oh, Colorado. You do you.

Holy crap, peeps! It works!

Getting a new Mac:

Building a new PC:

And then there's this guy! 🥰

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Remember this @weldtables fab table I had up for sale? It's found a new home with my friend and metal wizard Jeff @skolstudio. Can't wait to see what he builds on it.

Fresh lemons from my mom's tree in Arizona. Filled the whole house with their amazing scent. Thanks @janleichliter @leichliterjan

Celebrating the awesome that is Ouray, Colorado with dear friends: priceless.

There's a bear in the bathroom.

Working on having some books printed. 38 designs between the covers!


I was 20 years old in 1986 when I walked into Dan Ostermiller’s studio and asked for a job. Up to then, I'd been helping my Dad build houses. I was young and naive and had no idea what it meant to be a professional artist, let alone understanding the much more specialized realm of the sculptor. I ground bronze and learned to weld it; we painted rubber and slung plaster to make molds; I learned pointing up and roughing in from maquette to monument. I put all this newfound knowledge to work, sculpting my own pieces and casting them in bronze.

Somehow, the artist in me that had previously enjoyed drawing and painting fell in love with form and space and shadow, and I spent every free penny I made turning my ideas into cast metal. Casting bronze is expensive, even with the discounts the foundries gave us “rats,” the green-tinged, bleary-eyed artisans who did the dirty work on the shop floor. I discovered Brancusi and stone carving, doubly excited by the cheap, plentiful medium and the thrill of turning an ugly rock into a work of art. Somewhere around this point in the timeline, Mr. Ostermiller and I had a falling out (I pissed him off) and I found myself once again walking into a sculptor’s studio to ask for a job. Kent Ullberg wasn't just the second sculptor I worked for, he became like a second father to me. The Swede opened my eyes to a more European view of the world and of art. He also entrusted me to manage his production at the foundry, as well as handling the enlargement of some of his most impressively-scaled works.

There are a many more details and people and crazy happenings to recount, but that gets too far afield from my point. The stone carving and the metal grinding and the construction work, not to mention a detour to make a few thousand Chipotle chairs for my friend Bruce, took a serious toll on my physical health. Couple that with the inevitable diminishing of aging eyesight and a restlessness to move away from committee-driven public art, and you have the perfect recipe for a personal reinvention. And so it is with a bittersweet heart that I formally end my career as a sculptor, moving forward with excitement and trepidation into a future of greater creative freedom and less physical pain. Stay tuned to see what happens on the next episode!

Screenshot from my iPad. Shows the apps I use fer makin' arte. It's fun to make your own wallpaper, too.

My studio. ANTIGRAV raw vectors in Affinity Designer. Sweet work table by my friend Anne Bossert; yeah, that's hand-dyed and hand-woven fabric on the cushion. 

Roscoe Gun Show. #catsofinstagram #manx #fezzik #idontevenexercise #youarethebrutesquad

New Website! @squarespace built. Loving the probably-overdone parallax effect. Linkage in my profile.

Emptyful. I'm reinventing myself, and this is my new logo. Whatcha think? #logo


Gotta keep the doors locked on Halloween ð ð

Runner-up for best costume: Roscoe as snowshoe hare. #catsofinstagram #manx #proudFEET

Working on transforming the virtual into the real. Feeling the beginner's mind again is like sunshine through the fog.

Nuts and Bolts. Goofing around with this new cameramajig. #iphonexs #dof #rust

Testing out the portrait mode on my new phone. Roscoe couldn't care less.

We were just up at Seaman Reservoir a week ago. Now the area directly behind the camera in this shot is on fire. Hayman fire already roasted most of the fuel up here, but the grass WAS lush. And beautiful.

#tbt Throwing it WAY back. I think this was '88 or '89. Welding and chasing Dan Ostermiller's wildlife bronzes. That cocky, skinny little punk in the middle is yours truly.