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It’s taken a few weeks, but I’ve slowly managed to gather as much of my web presence as was feasible into this new location on Micro dot blog. No easy feat, considering I have posts that date clear back to 2006 (!) Some came from the venerable Blogger; some from Tumblr; and a bunch from Wordpress, Squarespace, and Instagram. But they’re all here now, and all mine. See, a lot of those former locations were like locked boxes, trapping my content on their servers like prisoners. Not anymore; the chief reason for the switch was to allow me to fully own my stuff — to have it located on my drive first, then uploaded to the web second. That way, should anything untoward befall the hosting service, the ISP, or even the internet itself — all the posts, all the pictures, all that personal history is still right here, safe and sound for posterity. The majority of old posts I had to delete were rendered useless by the links having rotted away ages ago. It makes me sad that so much of the cool art and artists I linked to, the amazing YouTube videos, the fascinating conversations have disappeared forever. I suppose I could spend even more of my time playing necromancer on the Archive, but that’s not the point. The point is we are in danger of losing vast stores of knowledge and insight from it’s origins on the World Wide Web, due primarily to surrendering it to walled gardens and corporate silos that care only for our eyeballs as advertising targets, not for the beauty and wisdom of our shared history here on the Internet.

Here are a few old posts whose links or content I was able to salvage. I hope you enjoy a little trip to the past:

Fun Weekend

Leviathan / Kapoor / Grand Palais 2011

I'm in love.

Marcus Sandeman

Liza Herst


Interesting Dutch Furniture

Fresh coat of paint (actually, powder coat) on these two old friends. 😍🎨

”Course,” one of the 3 sculptures I did for Art in Public Places here Fort Collins. Dramatic light courtesy of Colorado Sunsets, Inc.

Discovered I only had a tiny thumbnail of this shot. Dug out an old external backup ssd and managed to locate the high res. “Course" totem in weathering steel and stainless. Sunset ftw.

Public Art Proposals


Making a “Split Infinitive” in stainless. Client opted for a yellow powder coat, which I initially balked at, but the final look was spectacular. 


“Contrapposto.” Making of.

“Biomagnetism,” with an in-progress shot from a hundred years ago.

“Portal,” from CAD model to finished sculpture. Last photo by my friend and Real Photographer, Jafe Parsons.


"HexVortex" sculpture in stainless steel.

50% Off! “Duet" sculpture in mild steel. I liked the Heat Affected Zone on this one, so put a clear powder coat on 'er.

"Horsepower" in silicon bronze. 18"h 17"w 9"d

"Duet" sculpture in steel. 30" tall.

"Together" sculpture in powder coated steel. 16" h 14" w 7" d.

“Water & Power,” “Power” both big and small.

Small “Together,” after and before cleaning up the weld seams and powder coat.

Man, I've had some goofy ideas over the years.

"Ugly Duckling."
This little dude sits next to my desk and makes me smile a little every time I see it.

A little different angle on "Meme.” Great image by @jafetparsons (who should get his work on Insta ASAP) I love the bold edge zapping like a lightning bolt through the black.

#tbt to the Mermaid I did for Norfolk, Virginia.

"Biomagnetism." Two forms, pulled together with such force, it's tearing them apart.

Fire tool trio keeping my sculpture "Beginning" company on a Sunday afternoon.

New "Ugly Duckling" shot by @jafetparsons. Cute little dude - and the sculpture ain't no slouch, either!