Exocubic Studio

“Together." Powder coated steel.

"Event Horizon." Stainless Steel with powder coated veneers.

Night shot of "HiveMind" @poudrelibraries. Photo by @jafetparsons

Shots from the Veterans’ Memorial I did for the City of Paramount, California.

Crazy light bouncing off the #dichroic acrylic of "Breakfast with Tiffany." Photo by the amazing Jafe Parsons.

"Hexamabob." Hanging sculpture in #dichroic acrylic.

"Meme." One my all-time favorites. 51in. h 18in. w 8in. d

Some shots of “Portal,” finished and in the hands of pro photographer.

…And a trio of shop shots of “Ugly Duckling."

Shot of the previous “Transfigure" piece, just finished, pre-powder coat.

“Transfigure” in stainless steel with a blue powder coat. Using stainless allows for the edges to be filed back, without worrying about exposing the metal to potential oxidation. Purdy!

#throwbackthursday to installing "Crop," last of three main artworks for the Lincoln Corridor project here in Fort Collins.

3D printed maquette for a proposal I did a few years ago. The Honeycomb cereal vibe may have torpedoed this design.

Stone carving I did while dodging T-Rexes. Green serpentine. Hard as woodpecker's lips.

#tbt to that day Thor -almost- got me. Working on "Water & Power" in Loveland, CO.

"Hexamabob" doing its thing in the morning light. A little color after the somber black squares yesterday. My feed was a sea of them, and I am so proud of you all. Let's fix this. Together.

“Upholding” Veteran's Memorial in Paramount, California.

#InternationalSculptureDay #ISDay 

"Overcome" for #InternationalSculptureDay #ISDay

Another one to celebrate #InternationalSculptureDay #ISDay - "Interwoven."

For #InternationalSculptureDay #ISDay - "Through the Looking Glass."

A long-ago rejected proposal design. I think it was for a music venue of some sort.

Another view of Wellspring, installed at the Adams County Government Building here in Colorado. 2011.

Haven't thought about this one in a while. “Wellspring."