Exocubic Studio

”Course,” one of the 3 sculptures I did for Art in Public Places here Fort Collins. Dramatic light courtesy of Colorado Sunsets, Inc.

CinderCone: A Story in 6 Chapters


Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

The Final Chapter:

Fire tools.

Laser cut, hand-built, stainless steel.

Still flogging the CinderCone #chimenea and fire tools. Holler if you want to get your mitts on one.


Making a “Split Infinitive” in stainless. Client opted for a yellow powder coat, which I initially balked at, but the final look was spectacular. 


Symbol Sconces.

“Contrapposto.” Making of.

“Portal,” from CAD model to finished sculpture. Last photo by my friend and Real Photographer, Jafe Parsons.


"HexVortex" sculpture in stainless steel.

Fire tools! Single tools from $125, set of three $450. Trio with the tool garage (best deal): $595. 11 gauge stainless steel and 3/8" hexagonal rod.

"Ugly Duckling."
This little dude sits next to my desk and makes me smile a little every time I see it.

A little different angle on "Meme.” Great image by @jafetparsons (who should get his work on Insta ASAP) I love the bold edge zapping like a lightning bolt through the black.

Aww, put that turtle back on his feet!

The Chimenea on the Edge of Forever.

Getting bored with this thing yet?

#tbt to the Mermaid I did for Norfolk, Virginia.

CinderCone with fire tools. Available as a bundle.

#tbt to the first CinderCone prototype. Cleaning up the freshly-lasered upper faces.

Fire tools(tongs, poker, shovel) with their storage garage "hive." Available now as a set for $595.

Done and ready to deliver to it's new home.

So. Close. Wind today is NOT helping. Stitch welds on the seams are next, and there's enough wind in the Corona Carport Studio to mess with my argon. Aaargh! On?

Aha! Well, that answers THAT burning question.

Upside down CinderCone? Door in an alien spaceship?