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We had a very snowy spring here in Colorado. Made for some beautiful contrasts between the snow and the blooms. 📷🌹

Bright red tulip bloom with droplets of condensation reflecting the scenery.

"Growing Together"


Just installed yesterday at the Poudre River Public Library right here in Fort Collins.
From the original proposal:

"Growing Together" is a sculptural allegory depicting three simple, sweeping shapes that diverge and merge as they gain in scale. These forms and their interactions metaphorically speak to the path that people take as they learn and grow, with the intersections representing our reliance on each other and institutions like the Poudre River Public Library to enable and encourage this process of growth.

More pictures of the fabrication here.


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Gravity Well

Gravity Well


and working in Illustrator. Sometimes the complexity of 3d just gets on my nerves.

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Happy Birthday, Macintosh.

Steve Jobs unveiled the Macintosh on January 24, 1984.

Bad cello criminals.

[youtube [www.youtube.com/watch](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlVbEclPj4c&w=640&h=390])

Free blog host = bad.

I've been using Tumblr for my blog posts for a while now, and recently it seems the service has been gagging with greater and greater frequency. All of Tumblr has been down for going on 18 hours now. Rather than whine and stamp my feet, I'm thinking of moving my blog over to the built-in "Journal" feature on Squarespace. I'll probably keep the Tumblr blog alive for a while, just to see how things go. Really shocked by how many people whose sites I visit regularly are hosted in their entirety on Tumblr. Seems like asking for trouble to me. I have proposals out for several competitions right now, and if the committee members involved were interested in taking a look at my blog - no deal. That just isn't good. Hopefully I can figure out how to incorporate my 4 years of archived posts into this setting.

Update: Managed to import all my old Blogger posts. Still waiting for Tumblr - hopefully the export/import from there will work as well. Got to hand it to Google for not locking my data into their system.

Matthias Pleissnig makes some beautiful and complex forms in wood.

[vimeo 16562802 w=400 h=225]

Tessel - David Letellier (Lab[au]) (by Niels Wouters)


In trying to get back into making paintings, I realized that some frustration stems from my (very) rusty drafting skills. I’ve busted out some pencils and paper and tried to make the effort to polish up, but come away frustrated. All those hours of grinding and bending metal haven’t helped the physical state of my hands, wrists, and shoulders at all. Add to that the fact that I did some pretty serious damage to my wrists when I was 16 and working construction - ran a compactor, kinda like a jackhammer with flat plate on the bottom for compacting soils - and it’s pretty obvious what the problem is. I don’t think any amount of practice can compensate for the loss of fine motor control and the delicate touch necessary for truly fine drawing. Not saying these drawings are horrible, just that I feel they could be much better than they are if my body was up to the task. Or it’s just a case of the bad craftsman blaming his tools.

Frank Chimero: Content

Link: Frank Chimero: Content


You ever order soup at a restaurant and get a bowl that’s mostly broth?

The problem is the register at the restaurant is four-hundred bucks under what it was the day before, and everyone is running around screaming “No one wants to buy our soup!” Then they start looking for different ways to…

Capitalism: yur doing it wrong. Directed at most of America, especially those corporations that just keep selling us shit and calling it gold (cough, Comcast, cough).

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbjOMualLVs&rel=0&egm=0&showinfo=0&fs=1&w=400&h=325]

Mortal Engine by Chunky Move (via frieder77)

Great visuals, combining dance and projected CG effects. Lots more to see in the suggested videos that come up alongside this one on YouTube. EDIT: Not just projected, but reactive CG - some of their other vids make this abundantly clear.

More about the company here:



Rainbow Thread Art

Gabriel Dawe. Awesome.

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Banksy who? Graf artists are all just vandals and gangbangers, ya know.


Bryan Pickens paints some cool stuff. I particularly like this one with its 3-dimensionality. Clean lines and well-planned shapes, like a vector drawing, coupled with subtle shading and brushwork. Like.

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Chris Berens creates these mind-altering works BY HAND. A complex and involved system of media and processes is used - most amazingly, each piece consists of multiple tiny paintings assembled like a collage to form the whole.


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Francis Bacon’s studio. Note to self: stop harassing Ren for her messiness.

[vimeo 14074949 w=400 h=225]

DARK SIDE OF THE LENS (by Astray Films)

So, so good. Positively stunning.

Mockingbird Mandala (by Mark Leichliter)

How about a break from all the painting? This was a design I’d come up with about a year and a half ago, one that I just couldn’t get manufactured properly. Finally found a shop in Denver that could do the etching (the moths are on a separate sheet of stainless that is one half inch behind the birds) part. The mockingbirds are laser cut, also from stainless steel. Getting the pattern drawn in a way that the laser machine could read it was a huge challenge, and took days at the computer. If I remember correctly, it was Rhino that handled most of the geometry creation and editing.

The Last Meadowlark 24x18 (by Mark Leichliter)

I discovered I like working on bigger canvases - or maybe my confidence is just improving.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3GribQCg6c&rel=0&egm=0&showinfo=0&fs=1&w=400&h=251]

Huge Bike Jump into a Pond 35 feet in the air (via devinsupertramp)

Fun. That’s right, with a capital F, Fun.

Not so fast, Monsieur Maupassant

I posted the Maupassant quote because I find it an interesting take on the creative process - albeit one I completely disagree with. I spent the morning hiking the foothills west of town, and walked along contemplating said passage. I was struck by how my eye was suddenly, forcibly drawn to the “paintings” I found in the landscape, and how no degree of study and labor would alter that first initial shock of discovery. It is the dynamic moment that I seek to capture in a painting - even in the most mundane, everyday object. Originality comes not from becoming enslaved by the subject, but by noticing and recording its immediate effect on our one, unique consciousness.