Exocubic Studio

TriO. Brand spankin' new one for ya.

Yes, more distractions. Keep your cool. "Wavelength" from a long time ago.

OK, I need distraction. Or something. Imma slop some chum on this bish. "Wholly."

12° and snowing like crazy today. Hopefully, some help with the fires. Here's something to stave off the boredom.

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this special report: insomnia!

Lucid Dreamer.

"Hold It Together."
Self-discipline and self-doubt vying for control. Reposting an old 2D artwork, just cuz it reflects my state of mind so well right now.

Origin. I found an image of an Emu egg and was blown away by the perfection of its shape. I traced it in Affinity Designer, discovering that it was almost a perfect mathematical ellipse — just a bit narrower at one focus. Inspired, with a nod to my man Brancusi, by the presence of perfection in nature and the primordial beginning of all things.

Looking Down the Barrel Of the Beamsplitter.

Went to the well of creativity today, and the well was dry as a bone. So have an oldy but a goody.

Found At Sea. Adrift, but not lost. Maybe?

Working on a new thing. Black and white mask layer numba one.

Infinite. A bit of a cliché, but I really like the shape, whether it's 2D or 3.

Monocle (simple) My eye keeps landing on this one in my photo library. Really like the depth - and this is pure vector, no pixels were harmed.

Bloo, too.

Bloo. Something a little different. Fell in love with this guy's blue eyes.


Go Deep. Crests and troughs? Or the undulations of some denizen of the depths?

"Dirge" series as a wee triptych.

Dirge for the Last Maple.

Second in a series lamenting the indifference we're showing toward the beauty of this world. Happy New Year!?

Dirge for the Last Gingko. A song we hope never to sing but do so little to prevent.

Space Rocks. This one hasn't made an appearance in a while.

Torc. The ancients placed one of these around your neck as a child, hoping they guessed your future size correctly.

Tusk. Memory can be a spike in the dark.


There is danger in only looking at things one way.

All Up In My Grill

Layers and depth, shadows and circles, texture and pattern.