Exocubic Studio

#tbt to this weird little dude. No, they're not ALL weird! You're just mean!

World on The Brink.

Hold It Together.

Kundalini. @abstrac.ted @affinitybyserif

"Scimitar Sun" as an #albumcover. What do you think?

Echo, cool and warm versions. Ordered some prints off my website for shows; eating my own dog food. Excited to see 'em!

Shy Saturn. You'd think someone with such showy rings wouldn't be bashful, but you'd be wrong.

Horsetooth Rawk. Tribute to a local landmark.

Checking out @artroomsapp so folks can see what my artwork will look like on a wall. Great app for this! Pictured is "Looking Down the Barrel of the Beamsplitter"

Anywhere But Here.

Discovered some of my earlier pieces were missing signatures. I had a fantastic art teacher who told me to use the signature as a tool to discipline yourself about being FINISHED. Knowing when to stop takes practice and deep attention.



Just cuz it's #blackfriday doesn't mean the making stops.

Echo. Warm and Cold versions.

Portal Guardian.

Plugged In.

Something a bit R — er, OK, X-rated for my birthday.


Raw vectors from a previous project. Sometimes, I think I get carried away with the textures and detailing when the base geometry can say all that's needed.

Monday vibes. Old piece I did with #assemblyapp @assemblyapp from @pixiteapps

#tbt to a cute little frog I made YEARS ago.

Scimitar Sun.

Ripples in Space-Time: 1969. A friend told me this was their favorite. I like it, too.


Night Heat.

Taking a break from 3D. Love the immediacy of these iPad artworks.

#tbt to "In Phase."